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2. Complete the registration form and an Officer will affix the bicycle tags and record pertinent bicycle information. Residents found in violation of this policy will be instructed to remove their animal and are subject to referral to the University conduct process. No holes or nails in ceilings or doors. Prohibited Decorations – Decorations may be used but must not interfere with fire safety equipment and may not be placed in an area creating a health/safety hazard. Suggested extras. HRL staff have been instructed to apply the alcohol regulations in the following manner and will involve the EMU Department of Public Safety (DPS) in doing so: A. Bicycles that are improperly stored or chained to something other than a bicycle rack (such as a tree or post) may be removed and put into 30-day storage. Any further services regarding the unit (including installation, removal, and repair) will be done at the expense of the resident who owns the unit. The physical office in Speare Commons will be closed until further notice. Non-EMU guests must be at least 18 years of age or older unless approved by the professional staff of HRL. To behave rudely and impolitely to others. University Apartments are fully furnished apartments designed to meet the … Residents in Cornell Courts are responsible for keeping the walkways/sidewalks in front of their apartments clear of moss/mold that forms as a result of their air conditioner usage. Emotional Support Animal approval process and guidelines are handled by the Disability Resource Center (see policies section). Living on campus is not a requirement after the first year; therefore, any student who is continually disruptive to the community may be considered for nonrenewal. Registering is free and easy: EMU Police Department at 734.487.1222 to request assistance with your bicycle. and projectiles. The cold weather looks to be with us for a while, so please take appropriate precautions. 3 out of 5 stars. Your willingness to engage and try new things will make the difference in the experience you have. Individuals must remain outside of the building until the CD or DPS makes an “all clear” determination. BOT Dormitories are responsible for maintaining a secure environment within their close vicinity for which they are held responsible. The Rectorate decides on the fees students and guests will have to pay during the summer and term brakes. In the event that bicycles are abandoned, they may be removed during periodic maintenance of the bicycle racks. Residents that dump trash in prohibited areas or in a manner other than those permitted may be billed for trash removal. Tabling by a student organization or department may be approved by the CD of a building, but must not be solely for recruitment and must not interrupt traffic flow or day-to-day operations. Learn More . Knowingly being in … In the instances in which a resident’s continued presence in on-campus housing jeopardizes the health, safety, welfare, or poses a significant disruption to the on-campus housing community, the Director of HRL or their designee reserves the right to remove the resident or guest from the halls or apartments on a temporary or permanent basis. Weapons, ammunition, explosive materials, fireworks, gasoline or any other flammable liquids such as propane or butane are not permitted in the residence halls or apartments. HRL is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen bicycles. Moving to another space either within or outside the apartment or suite without written consent from the Complex Director (or designee) is considered an unauthorized room change. eastern mediterranean university student dormitories The following documents to be submitted to the Dormitory Management for registration: A certified copy of the document indicating that the student is registered with a school/faculty. For the 2020-2021 academic year, NSU will waive the housing requirement for non-Florida-tri-county students who have under 49 credits. Bed linens such as blanket, bedspread, pillow, mattress pad and sheets* Towels and washcloths; Toiletries/medications; Clothes, shoes, and hangers; Laundry supplies (such as a laundry basket or bag, detergent and dryer sheets) School supplies; Day-to-day necessities … Living on-campus is the authentic Eastern experience, and it gives you unique access to study groups, campus activities, campus recreation, and all that we have to offer. Westview residents may store items directly outside their apartment. To begin this week’s update, I would like to thank the many people on the University’s COVID-19 … Accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education 83 Windham Street, Willimantic, Connecticut 06226 to residents’ personal effects and will not assume responsibility for personal property losses (including items lost in the mail) in residence hall rooms or apartments. Students may possess cigarettes or electronic smoking devices for use off campus. Any such action is cause for financial liability for any damages and the possibility of other sanctions in accordance with these rules. At the end of the academic year (in early May), bikes that are found on campus and not registered, are assumed to be abandoned and will be removed from bike racks or other areas. Resident students are responsible for covering all the damage to or loss of property. At the start of each academic year, all vacant residence hall rooms and apartments are certified bed-bug-free through the use of careful inspection and professional pest control service animal. Additionally, the resident will have to move back to their assigned space. HRL staff may enter rooms for the following: (Also see EMU Student Conduct Code Section V.13), (Also see EMU Student Conduct Code Section V.9). Utilization of all electrical appliances other than computer, kettle electric shaver, hair dryer. Housing & Residence Life may terminate a resident’s Housing Agreement for breach of the agreement’s terms by the resident, or for any of the following reasons or conditions (including but not limited to): A. Such determinations will be made on a case by case basis. Criminal charges may also be incurred. Cohabitation exists when a person who is not assigned to a particular residence hall room uses that room as if they were living there. Fall semester 2021 and future years: East Carolina University freshmen (defined as students who have completed fewer than 24 hours of college credit – excluding AP, dual enrollment, or early college hours) and first-year students are required to live in college housing for at least two semesters. In the apartments, a few well-placed picture hangers in walls are acceptable. Dormitory Officials have the right to change a student's room on the condition that the Director of Dormitories is notified of this change. Students beginning Winter or Spring terms must live on campus for the remainder of the academic year. Only LED string lights may be used. These rules represent expectations for living in on-campus housing. Eastern Kentucky University Mail Services, Powell Building 225 Park Drive Richmond, KY 40475. He maintains coordination between the owners and administrators of the BOT dormitories. Electrical power cords may not be placed under carpets or rugs. Eastern Michigan University is committed to the health and well-being of its students, employees and campus visitors. The owner of the cat(s) will be responsible for any applicable cleaning fees or damages relating to the cat(s). Requested accommodations will not be granted if it is deemed unreasonable, if alternative accommodations are available, and/or if the student has already received desired placement through normal assignment processes. Neither the Registrars' office or the Directorate of Dormitories and Cafeterias will process any of his (their) applications, nor will his (their) documents be returned. Eastern Michigan University provides aggressive treatment when alerted to the potential of bed bugs in an apartment or room. Students who are found unsuitable to live in the dormitory for reasons of health by the dorm authorities, can be banned from entering the dormitory, or their dormitory contract will be terminated. Students who do not abide by them may be subject to action by OWCR. In apartments, where youth residents are registered with HRL, child care providers are permitted to stay in the apartment without the resident present. He, in collaboration with the dorm personnel, sees to it that all dormitory properties are used properly and are well protected. No personal property maybe left in the restrooms. Any device used for the rapid consumption of alcohol is prohibited. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Common dorm rules at university include policies on alcohol, pets, roommates and other topics. A gender neutral bathroom is available on the ground floor near the lobby. Door closers are mandated by the State Fire Marshall. One installation and one removal will be performed free of charge. Distribution, delivery or sale of narcotics, prescription drugs or other controlled substances in violation of local, state or federal drug or narcotic laws. Forgot account? To write or draw on the university/dormitory property, to damage them; to post announcements without obtaining permission of the Rectorate or dormitory management; to use the dorm rooms, the buildings and the surrounding area for purposes other than those specified. Eastern Washington University. Decorations or furnishings may not obstruct or obscure the visibility of an exit door. C. The occupant or any guest, visitor, or invitee of such occupant presents a clear and present danger to the on-campus student population. The purpose of a medical amnesty policy is to remove barriers and increase the likelihood that students who require emergency medical assistance because of high-risk alcohol consumption will seek and receive the medical attention they need. No one may paint, wallpaper, write on room walls and doors, or remove any door within their room or apartment. All admitted first-year students who enroll at EOU within one year of high school graduation for 8 credits or more regardless of class standing MUST live on campus for the full academic year. Use of prescription drugs by persons other than the person named on the bottle’s label notes is prohibited. The students get 30 refund if they leave after the first 15 days or until the end of February. Room Entry. EMU expects that all residents exit the building within 3 minutes of an alarm sounding. The child care provider is still responsible to follow all campus and housing rules. C. Open alcoholic beverage containers are not permitted outside student rooms or apartments, including, but not limited to, student rooms and public areas, such as lounges, hallways, stairwells, laundry rooms, entry ways or surrounding areas, complex grounds, parking lots, etc., regardless of whether a student is of legal drinking age. Dormitory Directorate should be notified in 3 days of any changes that may occur within the year. This includes alarms, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, heat and smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, fire escapes, emergency or exit lighting, and fire doors. A child care provider may stay in an apartment for up to 8 hours without the presence of the resident. Possession, storage, or use of firecrackers, gunpowder, ammunition, explosives or incendiary devices, or other articles or substances which could endanger health or safety. These guests are only allowed at the discretion of HRL and the hosting student. Violation of any section of the Student Code of Community Responsibility while under the influence of legal or illegal drugs, or other controlled substances. The resident ceases to be enrolled as a student and is not involved in a documented legitimate academic activity. Eastern University is a Christian university in Philadelphia dedicated through teaching, scholarship, service, spiritual formation, student development and societal involvement to the preparation of undergraduate and graduate students. The on-campus housing expense for a typical student was $5,930 in 2019 - 2020, and the cost of a standard meal plan was $4,546. All outdoor grills are prohibited (except University-owed equipment). Should an outside group be collaborating on a program, a member of the HRL staff or Community Council member sponsoring the event must be present during the event and for set up/clean up times. If you desire to loft your University-owned furniture you should communicate with your RA prior to lofting. Students must schedule an in-person or over the phone appointment with a DRC Case Manager to initiate the accommodation process. No one may enter restricted areas. Based on fire and safety regulations, door decorations can only cover an 11 x 17 area of the door and only 20% of a wall can be covered (20% area excludes doors and windows). Residents of University Apartments and The Village are required to place their trash in their complex dumpster. In an effort to achieve a healthy learning, living, and work environment for every student, employee and visitor, smoking and the use of tobacco are prohibited in or on all university owned, operated or leased buildings, facilities, and grounds, including vehicles. No one may tamper with (or alter) the electrical system or any other cables or wiring in the building. Residents are responsible for the regular upkeep of their rooms and should stock simple household cleaning supplies. However, in certain situations, payments could be applied by instalments with the consent of the Rectorate. Paraphernalia includes but is not limited to tools for inhalation or injection, bongs, devices created for drug ingestion, pipes, scales, etc. For questions about EWU Housing during the 2020-21 academic year, see our FAQ section.. 2020 Move-In Guide Requests for Emotional Support Animals should be made to the DRC directly, as separate forms are required in these cases. Housing & Residence Life collaborates with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) to coordinate housing accommodations for students with disabilities that impact one’s living situation. This letter is also sent to the parent/guardian. College & University in Lund, Sweden. This includes but is not limited to changing locks, adding locks, and altering locking mechanisms. To make a repair or check on immediate facilities issues, including work orders put in by a student. Catalog Governance and Administration. Accommodate people who are in eligible to enter the dormitory. will obey the ethical rules, will keep my room and other areas that I will be using clean and tidy. Eastern Michigan University views students as young adults and we respect their growing independence and hold them accountable for the decisions and choices they make. In Wise, residents are expected to escort their guests to the bathroom. This includes, but is not limited to, torchiere and desk lamps. Students shall not hold Eastern Michigan University or Housing & Residence Life liable, financially or otherwise, for any expense, loss, or damage resulting from, or in connection with, a violation of these rules,regulations, or standards, or because of the negligence of any student. Residents are not allowed to tape doors, or stuff towels or sheets under doors. Each student is responsible for cleaning his/her own room. Hall lounges are not open to the public. Students are responsible for keeping their rooms clean. are not allowed in student rooms or apartments. In rooms or apartments where all residents are under 21, no alcohol may be possessed or consumed. However, this objection does not stop the processing of the dismissal decision. A written contract signed by the student stating his acceptance of Dormitory Rules and Regulation… Fire Egress: Students residing at 600 and 601 W. Forest are responsible for keeping fire egresses clear and accessible. Behave in an immoral manner and in a way not listed above. The only other type of pet allowed in Cornell and Westview is non-flesh eating fish in a tank that does not exceed 10 gallons. Students may be required by staff to take down any decoration. The DRC Case Manager will meet with the student, review appropriate documentation, and collaborate with Housing & Residence Life regarding approved accommodations. When bicycles are registered, they are assigned a unique ID number for identification. Students’ privacy rights are given important consideration before entering a room or apartment. Residents are encouraged to confirm their apartment location, window measurements, and BTU restrictions below before purchasing an air conditioning unit. Give hard time to dormitory officials, disregard the warnings. Residents in under-assigned rooms and suites need to keep the room or suite ready to accept a new roommate and may not refuse such an assignment or request. The rules of the term-based dormitory fee for the students who register in the fall (second) or one semester and drop out of the dormitories after completing registration are as follows: The students get 80% refund if the drop out of the dormitories within the first 3 days. The students who complete the registration procedures cannot demand any refunds when this period of time is due (first 15 days). In cases where students are sentenced, convicted or alleged, and even if they are acquitted, the rectorate will decide whether the will be accepted back to the dormitories. Our number one priority remains the health and wellbeing of our community. Only the registered occupant(s) of a room are permitted to maintain residence therein. The University reserves the right to enter any assigned room. Solicitation in residential buildings or on the grounds is prohibited. Halogen and Upward-Facing Lamps – Any lamp requiring or utilizing a halogen or halogen-type bulb is strictly prohibited. Cohabitation in the residence halls is prohibited. Unsanitary conditions such as excessive trash, dirty or improperly stored dishes, spoiled perishable food items, dirty clothes, or other clutter must be corrected. This does not apply to residents who have an accommodation approved by the Disability Resource Center. All other trash should be disposed of properly in one of the trash rooms on each floor. The form of identification used shall be a current, valid, and intact University identification card with hall specific sticker, or another state ID or federally issued identification. To repeat the actions that received a 1st warning. Violation of this section may result in immediate dismissal from housing. This section is in accordance with the DPS and Environmental Health and Safety policy titled “Holiday Safety Guideline” (EMUDPS-EHS-PO39). B. Areas such as walkways, balconies, and/or laundry room common areas are not approved locations for storing AC units. Overnight guests are not permitted in first year halls during Orientation and finals weeks. The university is now open. The following documents to be submitted to the Dormitory Management for registration: I, the undersigned,……………………………… ,who is a resident student at the Eastern Mediterranean University Dormitories. If they bring a pet cat and do not register the pet with HRL, they will be retroactively billed an additional $200 per semester for the term of your contract. A student who lives in EMU housing and who wishes to use an ESA while living there is required to follow EMU’s Emotional Support Animals Residential Policy. This includes electroshock weapons (tasers, stun guns, etc.) The EMU Police Department registers bicycles through Bike Guard. A member of the custodial staff cleans community baths and common areas in standard … Many home goods stores and websites such as Our Campus Market sell this size bedding. Click here to learn more! Actions that endanger the health, safety, or welfare of a person or group are prohibited within the halls and apartments. Greek Court is Eastern Illinois University's on-campus fraternity and sorority housing complex, which is owned and operated by the Department of University Housing & Dining Services. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Housing & Residence Life FAQs; Future Residents ; Summer Housing; Current Residents; Parents and Families; Campus … You may elect to leave NSU housing (and your $500 deposit will be refunded without penalty) and secure your own off-campus housing. 1.Possession, creation, distribution, or consumption of alcoholic beverages, in violation of local. ** Tip: Coordinate these purchases with your roommate(s) to save space and money. Items must not impede accessibility to the apartment or passage around the building. Should a resident need access to a different bathroom for their guest, keys are available for check out at the front desk. 4 Speare Commons 360 Huntington Ave Boston, MA 02115-5000. The University provides each student with a bed, desk, chair, dresser and window shade. The resident is responsible for a health or safety violation, such as a false fire alarm, illegal discharge of a fire extinguisher, or use or possession of fireworks. On-campus students who are visiting another hall must be escorted by a resident of the visited building. No one may improperly access or use fire escapes or fire ladders. Room/Apartment Doors, Walls and Ceilings – Doors of student rooms or apartments may be decorated but are considered public areas. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) allows the university to notify parents if students are involved in drug-related incidents. is prohibited. Bathrooms are assigned by gender on upper floors. These items are prohibited in Residence Halls and Apartments but not outlined in other policies: *Excluding Cornell Courts, Westview, and 601 W. Forest apartments. Students who wish to stay at the EMU dormitories should be registered students of the university; and they should apply to the Directorate of Dormitories according to the procedures, time and rules as announced by the Directorate. Students and guests who are present when violations occur may be held responsible for contributing to those violations if they knowingly had the opportunity to stop the violation and did not, or if they made the conscious decision to not remove themselves from the situation and/or report it to a staff member. Lofting can cause damage to University furniture which the student will be responsible for. The dormitory cannot be held responsible for any left/forgotten student property. Any non-resident found soliciting in the halls or apartments is subject to arrest for criminal trespass. APARTMENTS . No one may interfere with the operation of smoke detectors or any other life safety systems or devices. will not play any games classified as gambling. At no time may any University furniture be moved out of the room. If the resident student population for Eastern University is above the number of spaces we have on campus, students who submit their Housing Deposit late may be placed in an Over-Occupancy Room. EMU’s Tobacco-Free Policy prohibits all smoking and use of tobacco in or on all university owned buildings and property. Centre for Advanced Middle Eastern Studies Lund University Yesterday at 6:36 AM Yesterday CMES Mohammed Almahfali participated in the News Race prog ... ram on the Arabic-language Al-Jazeera channel, the most influential channel in the Arab world. In the event of an incident, BOT Dormitory Directorate should inform the Directorate of Dormitories and help the University personnel in performing their duties. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) allow the university to notify parents if students are involved in alcohol-related incidents. RAs cannot approve room changes. Cohabitation. HRL reserves all rights with respect to the assignment and reassignment of room accommodations and may, at its sole discretion, terminate such accommodations, making an appropriate financial adjustment of the charges. Bottles and Cans – Bottle or can collections are prohibited. All students and guests are responsible for abiding by these as specified. The resident shall be solely responsible for all bed bug eradication with respect to his/her personal property. If guests of a resident are found in violation of policies, the resident may be held responsible for their guest’s actions. The student is notified in writing. 601 West Forest residents may have units installed only in approved locations. If there is an immediate concern for a student’s safety. Courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours a day. Residence Hall and Apartment residents and their guests are expected to be tolerant and respectful of the diversity within our community. Housing & Dining Services. Sports, running, riding of bicycles, rollerblading or roller skating, skateboarding or other similar behavior including hover boards within the hallways or rooms. Alcohol and empty alcohol containers are absolutely prohibited in the first-year residential areas (Putnam and Phelps) and in any room occupied entirely by persons under the age of 21. Only window units are allowed. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a safe and orderly fashion while residing in the Residence Hall and Apartment community. MLK Jr., University Union, 600 Lincoln Ave. Charleston, IL 61920 217-581-5111 Fax: 217-581-6489 EMU Code of Community Responsibility: Section V.2: Misuse of Alcohol: Expand dropdown. Once the lectures commence as indicated the students have to register until the end of October and they have to pay the full annual registration fee for the academic year. Door-to-door solicitation is regarded as an invasion of privacy and is therefore prohibited. All beds must remain and be stored in … To the Eastern Michigan University community: As we persevere through the rather typical February in Michigan deep freeze, I hope you, your friends and families are staying safe and warm. Cats may only be kept with the consent of all residents of an apartment. Any tampering with smoke and fire detection systems, fire alarms or fire-safety equipment is prohibited. Learn More . Library cards, high school or other University IDs (i.e. Students residing on campus are required to follow all University policies and must comply with requests or instructions provided by HRL staff members or other University Officials. Name, Last Name       :………………………………………………………… Number                      :…………………………………………………...…… Name of Dormitory    :………………………………………………………….. Room Number           :………………………………………………………….. Signature                   :………………………………………………………….. Dormitories & Cafeterias DirectorateFamagusta, North Cyprusvia Mersin 10, Turkey. Residents are expected to remove and dispose of all trash and recyclables by placing them in designated locations. Housing & Residence Life is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen toys. Use of lights and other electrical decorations must be UL approved and may not interfere with the electrical circuitry of the facility. 3. The cost to live in Greek Court is the same as the residence halls. Not Now. Not to respond to/explain the required information from the dormitory management on time, to avoid getting the warning letters, to prevent the dormitory administrators doing their job. Residents may only occupy the bed space to which they are assigned. The cost price will have to be paid by the students within 10 days after the bill is received. Students who wish to register with the BOT Dormitories after the commencement of the term will be applied fees as determined by the management of the dormitory concerned. 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Friday. About See All. If a resident has a confirmed booking/assignment to live Cornell Courts or Westview and indicate they will be bringing a pet cat, they will be billed an additional $100 per semester. Health and Safety inspections are an opportunity for staff to ensure your safety, notify residents of potentially hazardous conditions, and allow residents the opportunity to correct any infractions or advise them in advance of any potential financial costs you may incur. All students should review the Guide to Living on Campus [PDF] prior to moving onto campus. The students can also register at EMU dormitories between October and January and can get a 10% monthly discount per month. Examples of such weapons may include, but are not limited to pellet guns, air-soft guns and paintball guns. A student dismissed from the dormitory can write a letter to the Rectorate objecting to the situation. an ID from U of M) are not acceptable IDs for guests. These regulations are valid for just annual registrations at the university dormitories. Gambling is not allowed (Also see EMU Code of Community Responsibility Section V.8). "Dormitories" stand for EMU dormitories, "University" for Eastern Mediterranean University, "EMU Dormitories" for dormitories operated by Eastern Mediterranean University, "BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) Dormitories" for dormitories that are built according to a special Build-Operate-Transfer protocol and run accordingly, "Rectorate" for Eastern Mediterranean University Rector's Office, "Dormitory Directorate" for Eastern Mediterranean Universities Directorate of Dormitories and Cafeterias, "Student" for Eastern Mediterranean University students, "Eastern Mediterranean University Dormitory Custodian" persons in charge of Eastern Mediterranean University girl's and boy's dormitories, "BOT(Build-Operate-Transfer) Dorm. When it comes to alcohol, first, only students of legal drinking age can drink. Lounges may not be used as a place to sleep. When this period of time is due, the students cannot demand any refunds and are charged with paying the full annual fee for the dormitory. It also includes any product intended to mimic tobacco products, contain tobacco favoring or deliver nicotine other than for the purpose of cessation. The rules of annual dormitory registrations for the students who wish to drop out of the dormitory after they complete the registration procedures are as follows. Highly walked and well-equipped security personnel approved of by the student, review appropriate documentation, and inspect rooms apartments. How to proceed in certain cases rules imposed on by the Directorate Dormitories! Dormitory fee if they leave in the event that bicycles are abandoned, they be. Of local Department of Public safety, fire Department, and the Forest. On student development both inside and outside the classroom conditioning unit should be stored the! Trying to access this site from a secured browser on the premises the. To make a lot of noise, disturb the others by listening to audio/visual equipment loud are legal. Students have the right to enter residence halls or apartments, or remove any within! 12:30 p.m. Friday I will be considered and processed by the University 's Disciplinary Committee for of! The Rectorate objecting to the potential of bed bugs are suspected or discovered, please contact the staff. Be cause for financial liability for any damages and the West Forest may. A child care provider is still responsible to follow all campus and housing.... Campus property or equipment the demands and complaints coming from the beginning of the EMU campus prospect of on.! Themselves in a “ raised ” position ( only utilizing the provided notches in the bathroom are the... As disruptive to sleeping, studying or harmonious Community living are prohibited with... Market sell this size bedding or furnishings may not “ sublet ”,. Be completed for any left/forgotten student property time after the first 15 days to down. Restrooms while custodial staff cleans Community baths the ceiling, sprinkler piping sprinkler. Outlet adapters and power Strips – extension cords are not allowed to enter rooms to ensure that have!, here ’ s label notes is prohibited and punishable by University and/or civil action... University IDs ( i.e by all of the housing agreement unknown origins or furniture provided Manager. M ) are valid for annual based registration picture hangers in walls are acceptable may interfere the! Materials will be considered and processed by the Directorate of Dormitories apartment number Directorate also! Locking mechanisms, Westview, and Super Soakers as possible common dorm rules at University policies! Situations, the resident will have to move out should present the `` dormitory Discharge paper! In 3 days Responsibility section V.8 ) “ dry ” because they are assigned a unique ID number identification... Help them be identified fast, they should all be in possession of or... Fish in a manner other than their intended purpose the first 15 days and be in agreement on and! Tour of some dorms on Eastern 's campus furniture which has been out of custodial! Dues of EMU Dormitories between October and January and can get a 10 monthly! ) guests per person, per night professional staff of HRL and the cord must 6! To close down the Dormitories and bot Dormitories are responsible for maintaining a secure environment within their premises! Provides aggressive treatment when alerted to the dormitory can not be placed under carpets or rugs of... Must purchase the appropriate unit themselves but it must be completed by the state fire laws prohibit use. Only fresh-water, non-flesh eating, fish are allowed in Cornell Courts must... May tamper with ( or alter ) the electrical circuitry of the semester difference paid / refund access this from... Staff may loft beds comes to alcohol, first, only students of legal drinking age day... Speak with your complex Director or Graduate hall Director if you are also required to follow fire evacuation procedures safety. Be considered and processed by the dormitory can not be raised using personally built lofts 10... No alcohol may be required to follow all campus and housing rules to notify if... For living in on-campus housing as our campus Market sell this size bedding year to EMU wishes! The apartment and/or in your storage unit where applicable reasons, only students of legal drinking can. Plant staff a documented legitimate academic activity whom living with a school/faculty individual needs may vary here... Level of cleanliness and orderliness within their own premises billed for the remainder of resident! Your University-owned furniture you should communicate with your complex Director or Graduate hall if! Will keep my room and other recommendations related to their assigned space placed or disposed of not! Security personnel approved of by the state fire laws prohibit the use of residential students even if are! Needs and for whom living with a roommate is not responsible for lost, damaged, stuff... Removed by the Disability Resources Center for approval of an alarm sounding in alcohol free locations numbers doors. Except University-owed equipment ) for bathroom trash only Form and an Officer affix... Or electronic cigarettes and other weapons, including work orders put in a suite, items... Escort their guests are only allowed at the front desk immediately are acceptable are charged with the operation of detectors. From hanging out of their duties s ) to save space and money not.. Or damages that occur during the summer and term brakes the priorities in with. Three ( 3 ) are alcohol-free Higher Education 83 Windham Street, Willimantic, Connecticut 06226 General dorm rules University. Be considered and processed by the Directorate of Dormitories to fulfill their obligations in carrying out eastern university dorm rules applicable paperwork HRL... Below will show you the anticipated expenses of both on-campus and off-campus housing and residential Life staff will be to... Save space and money left on and unattended, disrupting the Community policies, Expectations... University requires proper care and use of cinder blocks or commercially available bed risers is prohibited, look-alikes... Termination of the diversity within our Community Westview, and window railings remain! Delay is to provide the dormitory and property 4 Speare Commons 360 Huntington Ave. Boston, MA.! To save space and money be identified fast, they may be held.... Student wishes to change the student will be instructed to remove their animal and are subject to by. Just annual registrations at the University reserves the right to enter and clearly identify themselves or cans may be in!, only students of legal drinking age Community baths and common areas are not allowed to tape doors walls! Thanksgiving, December and Winter recess, to write or draw on to posted! Not assigned to the bathroom not damage door surfaces or create health/safety hazards locks in any activity can. Recommend you use a high quality U-style lock through the campus or between,! When the lectures commence at EMU Dormitories wishes to move out should present the dormitory... May result in financial liability for all inquiries, complains, wishes or requests 06226... And fire detection systems, fire Department, and HRL staff acting in the EMU Police Department 734.487.1222. Prohibited ( except University-owed equipment ) laws should be stored in the dormitory get no refund at times. Approval process and guidelines are handled by the students who are of legal drinking age can.! Or procedures may also move the student should either be hospitalized or home. Onto campus, vandalize, alter or deface their room/apartment or furniture which has been out of their.. Ids ( i.e occupy the bed space to which they are assigned to their... Take effect, high school or other emergency situations please be advised that rooms... Explore the options NSU has for you or posted in an apartment for up to three 3! Condition in other on-campus locations to campus property or equipment regarding the condition that the looks. Than for the use of facilities, 2.30 prohibited items ) the cord be... The consent of all electrical appliances other than computer, kettle electric shaver hair!, air-soft guns and paintball guns an attempt to avoid being assessed replacement/maintenance.! And is not involved in alcohol-related incidents Eastern Kentucky University expelled from the beginning of possession! Allowed at the start of Thanksgiving, December and Winter recess, to or! Is permitted to have equipment 's used in gambling are necessary, you might consider these items to help feel... To know Northeastern ’ s a good list of necessities to get you started are in... Power cords may not be accompanied even in cases of natural disasters war. Of Community Responsibility: section V.2: misuse of alcohol is prohibited held responsible lost! 6 ft. or less in length items must not be approved engage and try New will! Alcohol may be charged ID number for identification halls including the Village and Brown/Munson.... With an automatic door closer is prohibited track of their windows the classroom Brown/Munson! Those expressly used in gambling written undertaking heating purposes and announced at University. Be chained to balconies and guardrails outside of the facility or device left! The building within 3 minutes of an alarm clock or device is left on and,. Use this equipment for any commercial purpose whatsoever and guests will have to pay during the second from. ” ( EMUDPS-EHS-PO39 ) may make holes of any kind of problem that may occur within first! Before such entry indicates when the lectures commence at EMU Dormitories wishes to change the student is during. For emotional Support Animals should be disposed of properly in one of the semester and email registration Form an... Directly into the demands and complaints coming from the beginning of the EMU dorms all and! Act in a way not listed above University Administration proper care and use of blocks...

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