Charitable Works

The three principal tenets of Freemasonry by which we stand are to promote Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.  Charity and care are constantly at the forefront of our undertakings as Freemasons, and are both inward and outward reaching – as well as caring for each other, Freemasons look to help in local and national communities, as well as providing financial aid to disaster-stricken areas of the world, quickly and effectively.  Find out more here.

All funds raised within Freemasonry are derived from donations by its membership. We do not ask for contributions from outside Freemasonry and do not ‘fund-raise’ by rattling tins.  Freemasons are not obligated to provide a fixed amount – they give whatever they feel is affordable and this is never questioned.

It is little known that Freemasonry is the second largest charity in the UK, second only to the National Lottery.